Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary

This exists to allow servers at the altar to have fellowship with one another and to reflect on their task. The Guild seeks to deepen the spiritual life of its members and to help them become more worthy of their high office.

It is entirely a society of lay people but welcomes Bishops, Priests and Deacons as Associate Members. Altar Servers from many parishes meet at their Chapter and Festivals for Worship and Fellowship, often providing support for servers who may be the solitary server at their church. There are Chapters throughout England, Wales and overseas.

Who may join?

Any server who unreservedly accepts Traditional Catholic Faith and Practice, and is engaged about the Altar in any permanent capacity. Candidates serve a probation of one year before being admitted to full membership. In the meantime they are presented with a manual and are expected to attend Chapter meetings regularly, where such exist.

Bishops, Priest and Deacons may be elected Associates on being proposed and seconded by members of the Guild and their names being submitted to the Council, by whom they are elected. Associates pay the same subscription as members, but have no voting powers. Members ceasing active duty may retain their connection with the Guild as Associates.

Life Membership is open to members of at least three years full membership upon payment of £50.00 in a single remittance.

How do I become a member?

Request an application form from the Secretary-General, fill it in and sign it and take it to your Parish Priest or Priest-in-Charge of Servers and ask him to sign it. Forms can also  be downloaded from the Guild Web Site.

Forward the form to the Secretary General through your Local Chapter Secretary (or direct to the Secretary General where there is no chapter, together with a stamped addressed envelope) and initial entrance fee of £7.00).

In districts where Chapters are already formed, the above application process and payment should be effected through the Chapter Secretary and Treasurer. Member is normally through joining a local chapter.

The Council reserves to itself the power of removing from the roll, without reason given, the name of any member whose conduct is, in its opinion, inconsistent with the objects of the Guild.

Guild objectives

Candidates Ordination Fund

Founded in 1904 to assist members of the Guild in their training for Holy Orders, at such training colleges at home or abroad as are in full sympathy with the objects of the Guild.

This fund is kept entirely separate from the Guild funds, so that the whole of the money received is devoted to the purposes of the Fund.

While the support of the Fund is of course entirely optional, all the servers should have an opportunity of contributing regularly.

The Server Magazine

The Guild publishes a magazine 4 times a year (sent free to members). Full of interesting articles and reports of chapters’ events throughout the country.


Secretary of the Chapter of the Holy Rood (our Chapter):

Alan Sabey email
46 Thorncliffe Road
Norwood Green

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if writing.

Telephone 020 8843 9920