An Introduction to S. Paul

An introductory sermon series on the Apostle S. Paul, originally preached by Fr Simon Cuff during Evensong and Benediction:

S. Paul: Jew, Christian, Greek, and Roman

S. Paul: Man of Letters

S. Paul's Apocalypse Now

S. Paul: Man for All Seasons 

The texts of the letters which have variously been attributed to S. Paul may be found here:

To the Romans

1st Letter to the Corinthians

2nd Letter to the Corinthians

To the Galatians

To the Ephesians

To the Phillipians

To the Colossians

1st Letter to the Thessalonians

2nd Letter to the Thessalonians

1st Letter to Timothy

2nd Letter to Timothy

To Titus

To Philemon

[To the Hebrews]